Over 2,087,015 articles indexed

Voku continuously crawls and indexes financials news and business related articles, offering a completely free and open-source dataset of publicly available article data. Search below, or download the entire dataset.

API Documentation

The main endpoint for the API is https://news.voku.xyz/api/search/

The supporter-only live websocket API endpoint is wss://news.voku.xyz/socket/

To view the documentation for the live websocket API visit the Support page.

Sending a request to the API without any query parameters will result in the last 25 articles being returned.

Query Parameters

queryA query string. Is matched against the headline and body of the article. Fuzzy search is implemented.
tickerMatches the ticker against the keywords array and the entities object.
pageDefault page is 1. Returns the next 25 articles from the index.

Return Parameters

The API returns a JSON object. The results key is an array of result objects, all which have the following keys:

aidThe articles ID. A uuid4 string.
timestampThe date and time the article was posted.
headlineThe headline for the article.
bodyThe full body of the article.
SummaryA short, few sentence summary of the body of the article.
keywordsThe top 5 most important keywords extracted from the body of the article.
entitiesAn object of the 10 most relevant extracted entities along with a NER code:
  • ORG - Organiation
  • PERSON - Public Personality
  • GPE - Geo-political entity
  • CURRENCY - Monetary currency value
  • CARDINAL - Date or time descriptor
  • PRODUCT - A brand name or product